Your Top 9 stories in three years of Hitz Memories

It was back in August 2020 when this site began, and now it’s time to celebrate three years of Hitz Memories; recordings, photos and stories.

Here are the Top 9 stories you loved over the past 3 years.

9. Today in history, Hitz FM got hacked

OK, let’s start counting down your fave stories. The number 9 post, in three years of Hitz Memories was this one. This post flashed back to April 1995 when Hitz FM presenters Paul Dowsley & Adele Cookson were broadcasting live from Inflation Nightclub.
Suddenly, things got very strange, and you can STREAM the audio on this very post.

8. Raw FM on ABC TV – inspired by Hitz

Not many Hitz fans would know, but an ABCTV drama series in the late 90s, was very much inspired by the Hitz FM story. Read all about it here. PLUS (!) thanks to an old VHS tape I found, I’ve been able to digitise one episode for Raw FM, and you can watch it – in this post!

7. PANDEMONIUM when Peter Andre visited Hitz FM

This was a fun post to write. I gathered a bunch of the OG Hitz crew together to talk about this crazy event that happened at Moorabbin. Check out the amazing stories and pics.

6. LISTEN: On this night: Hitz FM’s 3rd broadcast ends

This post only includes a few photos, but some of them had NEVER been shared online before. And of course, the most exciting inclusion was TWO HOURS of a streaming recording from Hitz Melbourne’s famous Summer 93/94 broadcast.

5. The Hitz FM Book

Hitz FM volunteers on TV

OK, this wasn’t a story, but it’s the GENUINELY the 5th most trafficked page on this site over 3 years. This is the page where people go to read about the Hitz FM book I’m working on.

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(Hmmm, did someone mention a future REUNION??)

4. LISTEN: Awesome Easter holidays with Hitz FM in April 1995

This is EASILY the youngest story on this list, and it SMASHED its way into the all-time number 4 position just 4 months ago. Was it the TWO photos of Rod the Talking Man in one montage? Is it the FOUR HOUR recording you can stream? Who knows?

3. The Top 9 CONTROVERSIAL 90s Songs

Look, I’m not a HUGE fan of listicles (list articles) but Hitz FM Melbourne DID play quite a few naughty songs back in the day… so I just couldn’t resist. There might be one or two surprises in the list… tell me if there’s any contenders I forgot!

2. STREAM: 1st HOUR of Hitz Broadcast 3 – Summer 93/94

So, we had the END of broadcast 3 at number 6, and now… the very BEGINNING of broadcast 3 smashes its way into the number 2 position. It’s a pleasing one to see, as the fact this recording EXISTS is down to a fast-thinking friend who hit ‘record’ on his tape deck during a break at work!

OK, this is it. The BIGGEST post (in terms of traffic) in the past 3 years. In fact, it’s had MORE traffic than most of the top 10 combined. For some reason, people have gone NUTS for this post.

1. The Top 9 big bass 90s songs

It’s an article that was lots of fun to write. (I literally listened to a bunch of songs and compared how much ‘earth shaking’ each one achieved.) And for some reason, Google keeps sending me a TONNE of visitors. Especially from the USA.

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Author: Gabe McGrath

Gabe McGrath is a radio creative and freelance writer. He helped set up 89.9 Hitz FM Melbourne in the 90s. This youth radio station caused a sensation and 30 years later many a 90s kid will smile when 'Hitz' is mentioned. Gabe is working on a book about that era and now blogs about Hitz Melbourne. includes tonnes of streaming audio recordings, photos, stories and behind-the-scenes info.

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