Hitz FM Photos

This site is full of Hitz FM photos, taken throughout the life of this history-making youth station from 1992 to 2001. Indeed, I recommend seeing the photos within the blog posts where you’ll get the stories and audio in one experience.

But hey, sometimes “you just wanna see pics

Our announcers

They played the songs, told the jokes and kept you entertained. Here’s just a few pics of your fave announcers, with more to come.

Hitz FM in the Media

From its first 9 day broadcast, to its last time onair in 2001, Hitz FM Melbourne generated loads of media articles. And here’s just a very small sample.

Hitz FM – Promotions

The Hitz crew often got out in the public. DJing at events, giving away prizes. And here’s just a few Hitz FM photos in my collection.

Hitz FM – celebrity corner

Musicians, TV stars, politicians, and all manner of celebrities visited Hitz FM over the years. And because I’m sure you’re interested, here are just a few of the cool pics I’ve found so far.

Hitz FM – bits and pieces

From stickers to newsletters, from advertising posters to surveys to cassette recordings there was a lot of ‘Hitz stuff’ over the years. So I’ve tried hard to collect and share all sorts of fascinating Hitz FM Melbourne materials on this site.

If you know anybody who might have some old “Hitz stuff” hidden away at home, please contact me.

Behind the scenes

Everyone listens to the radio, but very few people have actually stepped inside a radio station. Hitz was happy to welcome visitors. But for those of you who never made it, here’s just a small sample of our ‘behind the scenes’ pics.

The Hitz news team

One of the things that really made this station stand out was the determination (from day 1) to have its own news team, creating news for under 25s. They broke stories, they did amazing interviews, and didn’t even flinch when ridiculous announcers would occasionally set their scripts on fire.

*photo credit: Bia Sousa @ Pexels

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