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LISTEN: 2 hours of chaos – this night in ’93

July 18, 1993. 28 years ago - TONIGHT! After two fun-filled weeks, Hitz FM's second broadcast was about to end ...
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On this day: Hitz FM’s 2nd broadcast fired off

When Hitz FM's 2nd broadcast kicked off on July 3rd, 1993 - things were a bit different from the first ...
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Hitz FM broadcast 8 - header image

Looking back: Hitz FM broadcast 8

June/July 1996 - the time of Hitz FM broadcast 8. On TV.. fans of hot men and women in uniform ...
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Thankyou Anton and Nick

This week marks a special anniversary for the Hitz team. It's the week Anton Vanderlely and Nick Karlas won a ...
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WATCH: The 2021 Hitz FM reZOOMion

March 11th is an important date on the Hitz FM calendar. It's the anniversary of the final night of the ...
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When Hitz Supersized McHappy Day

Over the years, I did a few McHappy Days in community radio. In 1992, the ECB FM team helped out ...
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