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Mashup Monday 4

Got a child/niece/nephew in primary school? At some point they'll ask you what "1 + 1" equals. If you answer ...
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Mashup Monday 3

Another Monday, another mashup! But before I get to the track, a quick reminder how this works... 'Back in the ...
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Image of multiple audio cassette cases

Tape Tuesday: Joy @ The Metro Jan 1997

Time to jump in that time machine, to January 24th, 1997. The Spice Girls Wannabe was battling with Savage Garden's ...
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Mashup Monday 2

Ahh, mashups... When somebody (more talented than me) combines one or more song instrumentals with one or more song acapellas ...
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What’s this all about…?

Well, for many years I've written ads for radio. I've also written for magazines, newspapers and websites. But one story ...
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Wiki Wednesday – Deuce

Back in 1996, Deuce's track 'On the Bible' was everywhere. Actually the 'Wand remix' of the track was everywhere. But ...
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