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Out with a bang: Hitz’s 9th Broadcast wraps up

It was this week, back in 1996 when Hitz's 9th broadcast wrapped up. Songs like On the Bible (Deuce), Passion ...
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STREAM: The FINAL Weekend Siesta Dance Classics

Just like today, it was the second Sunday in October, back in 1997. Time for Paul Dowsley's Weekend Siesta - ...
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Read all about it: The Hitlist

Over 9 years, the Hitz FM newsletter The Hitlist evolved from a single black & white page to a 24 ...
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Today: OJ’s defence finished and Hitz broadcast 6 began

September 22. Not today - I mean September 22 in 1995. When the defence team for the OJ Simpson case ...
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The mysterious story of the Essendon tape

One of the most exciting things to bring you on this blog has been recordings of Hitz FM. Often they're ...
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On this day: Hitz FM’s 9th Broadcast blasts into life

September 1996. Some of us were watching the first ever series of Friends on TV. At the movies it was ...
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