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The DNA of Hitz: Press Gang

For many Aussie kids in the 80s, watching ABC TV after school was an addiction. Monkey, Star Blazers, The Goodies, ...
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Remembering Hitz One CD (1998)

On this day in 1998, the Hitz CD series had a 'reboot' of sorts. No more 'Original Hitz'. No more ...
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The Top 9 MEGABASS Hitz

After the fun of creating my first Hitz FM Top9 (the Top 9 Controversial Hitz) it's time to do it ...
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LISTEN: On this night: Hitz FM’s 3rd broadcast ends

Right now, it seems a lifetime since I posted about the anniversary of the start of Hitz FM's 3rd broadcast ...
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Hitz FM 2021 news team promo

In February this year, Australians were caught in a media war between Facebook/Google, the Australian Government and traditional media. For ...
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On this day: Peter Andre PANDAMONIUM at Hitz FM

First of all, happy Valentines Day. Tonight I bring you news of a February 14 like no other. And for ...
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