The Hitz FM Book

Hitz FM volunteers on TV

Teens round the world have listened to the radio for decades. And despite all those fancy new entertainment options, they’re still doing it. To hear that latest song, to request an old favourite or send a shoutout to a friend.

Yet choices were limited for teens growing up in Australia in the early 90s. The government youth radio network only played alternative music. Commercial FM stations played music for adults over 25. There was very little pop, dance or hiphop on the radio.

But as you can read in my 5 minute history of Hitz FM – a bunch of Melbourne teens changed all that. And this blog documents it all.

From a one-week broadcast out of a highschool stationary office… to a national TV story viewed by millions. From live nightclub broadcasts, to training their own staff, to releasing their own Hitz FM CDs.

Of course, there’s another story to be told. Of what it was like to actually be there. To ditch ‘history’ class at school, and maybe help create it yourself. And that will be told in my Hitz FM book.

My (yet to be titled) Hitz FM memoir will take you behind the scenes of this truly one-in-a-million story.

You’ll read about the struggles, the practical jokes, the triumphs and the crushing disappointments. You’ll go back to the early 90s when we had CDs instead of streaming. Stickers on traffic poles instead of Facebook promotions. Megamixes instead of mashups. Stonewash jeans instead of… whatever kids are into now.

My Hitz FM book will be out.. when it’s done.
I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

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