Tape Tuesday: Joy @ The Metro Jan 1997

Image of multiple audio cassette cases

Time to jump in that time machine, to January 24th, 1997.

The Spice Girls Wannabe was battling with Savage Garden’s To the Moon and Back on the top of the Australian charts. Madonna won a Golden Globe for Evita, while Tom Cruise got one for Gerry McGuire. I guess somebody showed both of them the money. (sorry)

Meanwhile in Japan the classic videogame Final Fantasy VII was released. And the Australian navy had to rescue British yachtsman, Tony Bullimore after his boat capsized during an around-the-world race.

And on Melbourne’s airwaves… Hitz FM’s 10th broadcast had just 24 hours to go. Friday the 24th, Hitz was broadcasting live from Joy at The Metro. And thanks to Hitz fan Emir, we have a fantastic 90 minutes of this broadcast. Interestingly, there’s very little mention of “Hitz” during the recording – so perhaps somebody fell asleep back in the studio. Either way, enjoy the recording!

I’ve got some GREAT ‘tape Tuesdays’ to come… including a rare-as-hensteeth recording from Hitz FM’s very first broadcast, in 1992.

So, any fave tracks in the recording above?

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