Mashup Monday 3

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Another Monday, another mashup!

But before I get to the track, a quick reminder how this works…

‘Back in the day’ (pre-internet) I used to scour CD sales, Cash Converters, etc to pick up bargain music, and great remixes. And then, back in 2005 – I discovered mashups. What’s better than your favourite songs? Your favourite songs brilliantly deconstructed and recombined together. So I started collecting them.

Now, 15 years later… I’ve got about 200 in my private ‘favourites’ mashup collection. Private? Nah stuff that. I’m going to share them with you.

I’ve sorted them into genres…

  • Dancefloor delerium (obvious dancefloor tracks)
  • Pop/Rock perfection (more singing/listening than dancing)
  • Crazy combos (sometimes genius, sometimes idiocy – always interesting)
  • Zhane* memorial tracks (end-of-night/go home)

*In the mid 90s, Zhane’s song Hey Mr DJ
was THE ‘end of night’ song for many DJs.

The first 2 categories (dancefloor delerium & Pop/rock perfection) I’m sharing each Monday, here on the blog. As for Crazy Combos and Zhane memorial tracks, they’ll be in my newsletter.

OK, enough warmup. Here’s a track that combines 2020’s ascending queen of pop (Dua Lipa) with the US alt-rock band Jimmy Eat World. And you know what, it works.


So, got any fave mashups?
Hit me up in the comments…

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