On this day – August 9, 1992

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“Oh my god. Becky, look at her…”

I’m sure you know the rest.

Today was the day, back in 1992 that Sir Mix-a-Lot debuted on the ARIA charts at number 29, with a song that was big on Hitz FM and everywhere else.

Aria chart - Baby Got Back

Meanwhile a few other tracks from Hitz FM’s first broadcast were doing big things on the chart, including Please Don’t Go (KWS) at number 2, Sexy MF (Prince) at number 5 and Rhythm is a Dancer (Snap) at number 18.

Over in the compilations chart, Red Hot and Dance and 100% Hits Volume 4 were doing well.

Red Hot & Dance included great remixes of Seal – Crazy, P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, EMF – Unbelievable and more.

100% Hits v4 included some of the big 1992 tracks including Mr. Big – To Be With You, and Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge.

August 1992 was an interesting time in music, with hard rock/heavy metal fading as grunge was the latest thing. (Although Guns n Roses still dominated the singles and albums charts for another year.) In the dance scene, technopop had been flavour of the month for the past year or two. (Hello 2 Unlimited). And there was much more Europop to arrive in the next few years.

Many of those genres got a lot more time on the radio, just 4 months later. December 1992 marked the first Hitz FM broadcast, from a small office in a secondary school. It had begun.

So (dare I ask), what we’re YOU doing back in August ’92….?

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