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After a few Megamix Mondays, it’s time to get back to the mashups. Today’s track is DJ got us falling in Hot Stuff.

It’s one of those jawdropping mashups that make me wish I was DJing again. Plus the fact you don’t have to carry heavy crates of music anymore. And the fact that the new DJ lights weigh much less..

Right, where was I?

Introducing an absolute dancefloor smash of a mashup that creates the missing link between Aussie meat pies and “Mr Worldwide” – early 2000’s prolific rapper Pitbull.

Wait, what?

Ok, explanation needed.

I’m sure you know Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. A late 70s disco classic that’s recently been remixed by producer-of-the-moment Kygo. Push play on the below to refresh your memory.

What? Meat pies?

Well, back in the late 70s, Aussie pie company Four n Twenty made a brilliant TV commercial with Hot Stuff as the soundtrack. It featured a guy driving to a takeaway shop on a freezing night. Above all, there’s lots of bad hair, sexual tension and of course the hero devouring a Four n Twenty pie.

Thanks to Darryl Rae who finds ALL the good audio/video… here’s the commercial in all its cheesy glory.

Anyway, I always loved Hot Stuff – I remember the excitement of finding the 12″ vinyl in an opshop back in the day. And Hotstuff brings half the magic of this mashup.

The other half is DJ Got Us Falling In Love by Usher featuring Pinball. Now this was a track I always liked. But I didn’t love it, the music just seemed a bit thin and underwhelming. It just lacked a certain something.

DJ got us falling in Hot Stuff

Well, DJs from Mars answered my prayers with this mashup. It gives Usher’s song some serious groove – and Donna Summer’s classic a new lease of life. Surprisingly, the mashup was released back in 2011 – and after all these years it’s still in my all-time top 10.


So, got any fave mashups?
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Author: Gabe McGrath

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