What’s this all about…?

Well, for many years I’ve written ads for radio. I’ve also written for magazines, newspapers and websites. But one story kept whispering to me. Wanting to be told. About the time in the early 90s, when I ran away with the circus.

OK, I didn’t actually leave my parents home.
And… the circus didn’t have a tent.

But there were a LOT of clowns.

Hitz FM volunteers on TV
If you look carefully, you might spot me on A Current Affair. And no, it wasn’t a ‘neighbour from hell’ story.

You see the circus I joined was a youth radio station, actually run by young people. It started in the early 90s when “classic rock” FM stations ruled the airwaves. But Hitz FM gleefully took the mickey out of them and blasted out whatever pop/R&B/novelty/dance/alternative tracks they thought were cool.

Hitz ran their own news service. They released their own CDs. They did requests and competitions. They had a vehicle from ‘Melbourne’s cheapest cars’.

I was lucky enough to be there, and silly enough not to have thrown ANYTHING out from those days. Yes friends, my hoarding – is your treasure trove.

  • If you love pop and dance music from the 90s, I’ll keep you entertained
    – I’ve found so many great music videos online.

  • And if you’re into music mashups – I’m opening the vault of my private (200 track!) collection which should keep us going for a bit.

Oh, and if you DID listen to Hitz – boy do I have some cool stuff to share. (Onair AND behind the scenes.)

Apparently, Generation X is prone to nostalgia.
(It’s not our fault we grew up in the best decades.)

So grab that Illusion shaker / Lemon Ruski / Lambrusco… switch on your dancing Coke can and get out your CDs…
as we go back to the 90s.

When you’re ready to begin, click here.

PS: Did someone mention something about a book?

6 thoughts on “What’s this all about…?”

    1. Thanks Andrew.
      It’s a great story – and I’ll try pretty hard to do it justice.
      Look forward to a chat soon, when your busy life permits.

    1. Thanks very much Glenn. You were an important part of Hitz’s 3rd broadcast; there for so many of the iconic moments. I hope the blog brings back some good memories mate.

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