TEN amazing bits of Hitz Melbourne audio worth preserving

Each year, ten pieces of ‘important sound’ are inducted into the National Film and Sound Archive’s (NFSA) Sounds of Australia. But which recordings of Hitz Melbourne audio would I save? How would I decide?

Last year’s Sounds of Australia included Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye ft. Kimbra) and the Stolen Generation Apology by Kevin Rudd.

But how do I narrow down 17,543 hours of youth radio (yes, that’s the true number) into ten essential bits of Hitz Melbourne audio? At the risk of starting a big debate, I’m going to try.

And many of them are here, ready to stream!

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The Top 9 big bass 90s songs

After the fun of creating my first Hitz FM Top9 (the Top 9 Controversial Hitz) it’s time to do it again. With the big bass 90s songs.

This time around, we’re pressing the ‘bass boost’ button on our ghetto blaster. We’re plugging in the subwoofer and saluting the top 9 tracks with the biggest bass played by Hitz FM in the 90s.

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The Top 9 CONTROVERSIAL 90s Songs

If a youth radio station’s 100% approved by parents – is it a real youth station? That’s what I thought to myself as I gathered these Controversial 90s songs.

Hitz FM certainly didn’t set out to shock or offend. But if we thought our audience was going to like a track, you can be damn sure we played it. Especially if the requests were rolling in. And throughout our 9 year run, we played… some… doozies.

Now, for our first ever Top 9 at GabeMcGrath.com – I’m counting down the nine naughtiest tracks we ever played. It’s all about sex, drugs and dancepop music.

Click if you dare – and beware if you’re playing these tracks at work.

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