STREAM: 1st HOUR of Hitz Summer 93/94 Broadcast 3

Today’s the day. December 10. The day back in 1993 when something pretty amazing started. The 3rd broadcast of a little youth-run radio station called Hitz FM.

Over the next 90 days the request phone line went from 1 phone to 2 phones, to 4. The media went crazy. Radio ratings showed Melbourne kids were tuning in – in their thousands. And a near riot occured when we invited a popstar to visit.

But first – the big news. One of my audio experts has found a cassette of the first hour of broadcast 3. I hadn’t heard it since the day it happenned in 1993. And I’m excited to bring it to you now…

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FOUND: First Hitz Breakfast

As I mentioned in my recent November update, people have been going through their cupboards/garages/parents spare room. They’ve been reaching up to the top shelf, opening those old shoeboxes, and finding 25 year old cassettes of Hitz FM.

But today’s Tape Tuesday recording is not a recent find. It’s a tape I’ve had for almost 28 years. I’ve kept it since the morning I recorded it; Friday December 11, 1992. And it’s one of the rarest recordings we’ve found so far.

After the jump – you can hear it.

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25 years ago today – Hitz FM’s 6th Broadcast

25 years ago tonight, Hitz FM Melbourne was broadcasting live from Inflation Nightclub. It was the final night of the station’s 6th broadcast. Time to celebrate. The station had come back onair, it had a new CD in the shops, and it had one of those brand new “webpage” things on the “internet”.

Yes – it was clearly 1995.

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Tape Tuesday: Joy @ The Metro Jan 1997

Time to jump in that time machine, to January 24th, 1997.

The Spice Girls Wannabe was battling with Savage Garden’s To the Moon and Back on the top of the Australian charts. Madonna won a Golden Globe for Evita, while Tom Cruise got one for Gerry McGuire. I guess somebody showed both of them the money. (sorry)

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