Smash Hitz: Dreams – Gabrielle

Dreams (and it’s performer, Gabrielle) seemed to come out of nowhere.

When the song was released in Australia in late 1993, the charts were dominated by romantic R&B (Freak Me – Silk), reggae-flavoured pop (Can’t help falling in love with you – UB40 / Sweat – Inner Circle) and adult rock (What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes / I’d do anything for love – Meatloaf). Dreams – with it’s romantic soul-tinged pop sounds… seem to arrive from another planet.

It also seemed to remind me of another song, and 27 years later I know the answer.

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Smash Hitz: Sing Hallelujah

Many pop stars change their name. They often make it a bit shorter and catchier. So it’s no surprise that Nigerian-born dentist-turned-DJ Alban Uzoma Nwapa shortened his name to something a global audience might find easier: Dr Alban. (Yes – the “Sing Hallelujah” guy.)

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