Mashup Monday 6

OK, after launching my fortnightly Megamix Monday last week, it’s time for a Mashup Monday.

And that’s what I might do for a while – alternating between mashups and megamixes each Monday. That work for you guys? Cool.

Now….we’re due for a Rock / Pop one, so that’s what I’ve got for you today.

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Mashup Monday 3

Another Monday, another mashup! And today’s track is called “Don’t Start In the Middle”.

But before I get to the track, a quick reminder how this works…

‘Back in the day’ (pre-internet) I used to scour CD sales, Cash Converters, etc to pick up bargain music, and great remixes. And then, back in 2005 – I discovered mashups. What’s better than your favourite songs? Your favourite songs brilliantly deconstructed and recombined together. So I started collecting them.

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