Wiki Wednesday – Deuce

Back in 1996, On the Bible by Deuce was everywhere. Actually the ‘Wand remix’ of the track was everywhere. But we’ll hear more about that later. On the Bible was being thrashed during Hitz FM’s 9th broadcast. They played it at the Sydney Mardi Gras. You’d hear it booming out of your local Sanity music store.

But who are Deuce?

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Mashup Monday 1

Ahh, mashups… You know, like “I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer”.

Mashups… when somebody (more talented than me) combines one or more song instrumentals with one or more song acapellas. The result can be funny, inspiring, impressive or just amazing to dance to.

The first mashups I ever heard were back in ‘filesharing’ days of the late 90s. Networks like Napster and Limewire had a few of them, although 90% seemed to be Eminem vs X or Britney vs Y. They were simple, but entertaining for a bit.

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Why the 90s lowest-charting song gives me goosebumps

On this day, back in 1992 – a song debuted at the very bottom of Australia’s ARIA charts. Number 100. A song by Boyz II Men.

And the next week, it was gone.

By any normal measure, this song was one of the least successful tracks of the 1990s in Australia. It couldn’t have charted any lower. And yet, for Hitz listeners – its importance vastly outweighs its chart success.

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What’s this all about…?

What’s this “” website for?

Well, for many years I’ve written ads for radio. I’ve also written for magazines, newspapers and websites. But one story kept whispering to me. Wanting to be told. About the time in the early 90s, when I ran away with the circus.

OK, I didn’t actually leave my parents home.
And… the circus didn’t have a tent.

But there were a LOT of clowns.

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