The Top 9 big bass 90s songs

After the fun of creating my first Hitz FM Top9 (the Top 9 controversial 90s songs) it’s time to do it again. With the big bass 90s songs.

This time around, we’re pressing the ‘bass boost’ button on our ghetto blaster. We’re plugging in the subwoofer and saluting the top 9 tracks with the biggest bass played by Hitz FM in the 90s.


Hi there!

Google is bringing lots of American users to this blogpost.
Great to have you here!

You’ll see below some tracks you’d know well (eg Whoomp There it Is)
and some others you may not. Give ’em a listen!

They were all played on our history-making youth-run radio station in Melbourne, Australia.

PS: I’d LOVE to read your comment with ‘Where you’re from’ and ‘Which 3 tracks you play the loudest’.

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LISTEN: On this night: Hitz FM’s 3rd broadcast ends

Right now, it seems a lifetime since I posted about the anniversary of the start of Hitz FM’s 3rd broadcast. And back on this night, March 11 in 1994 – it felt the same. Ninety days felt like ninety weeks.

Our planned 2 month broadcast – had been extended to three months. Our borrowed school classroms had become a proper office. We knew we’d be able to be heard all over Melbourne – but we didn’t realise people would LISTEN all over Melbourne.

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Hitz news team promo

In February this year, Australians were caught in a media war between Facebook/Google, the Australian Government and traditional media. For about a week, Facebook blocked all Austalian ‘news sites’ and many others.

When the ‘news’ returned, I made a little funny video on my Gabe McGrath Facebook Page to celebrate. You can watch it below.

The thing is though – whilst I’m clearly teasing our news team, it was made with much respect. Let me explain…

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