STREAM: 1st HOUR of Hitz Broadcast 3 – Summer 93/94

Today’s the day. December 10. The day back in 1993 when something pretty amazing started. Hitz Broadcast 3. The 3rd broadcast of a little youth-run radio station that soon caused a BIG fuss.

Over the next 90 days the request phone line went from 1 phone to 2 phones, to 4. The media went crazy. Radio ratings showed Melbourne kids were tuning in – in their thousands. And a near riot occured when we invited a popstar to visit.

But first – the big news. One of my audio experts has found a cassette of the first hour of Hitz broadcast 3. I hadn’t heard it since the day it happenned in 1993. And I’m excited to bring it to you now…

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Mashing up Pies n Pitbull

After a few Megamix Mondays, it’s time to get back to the mashups. Today’s track is DJ got us falling in Hot Stuff.

It’s one of those jawdropping mashups that make me wish I was DJing again. Plus the fact you don’t have to carry heavy crates of music anymore. And the fact that the new DJ lights weigh much less..

Right, where was I?

Introducing an absolute dancefloor smash of a mashup that creates the missing link between Aussie meat pies and “Mr Worldwide” – early 2000’s prolific rapper Pitbull.

Wait, what?

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