The biggest 90s HipHop megamix had a daggy secret

Now THIS Megamix Monday will be hard to top. The Walk this Way Megamix soon became the unofficial anthem of Hitz’s Summer 93/94 broadcast.

And yet, ‘the one megamix to rule them all’ has a super-cheesy backstory very few people know.

Follow the link below to stream the famous Walk This Way Mastermix. You’ll learn a little bit about why it made such an impact, and discover the skeleton in the closet most would never have suspected.

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FOUND: First Hitz FM Breakfast

As I mentioned in my recent November update, people have been going through their cupboards/garages/parents spare room. They’ve been reaching up to the top shelf, opening those old shoeboxes, and finding 25 year old cassettes of Hitz FM. And some of them, might be a recording of the Hitz FM Breakfast breakfast show.

But today’s recording is not a recent find. It’s a tape I’ve had for almost 28 years. I’ve kept it since the morning I recorded it; Friday December 11, 1992. And it’s one of the rarest recordings we’ve found so far.

After the jump – you can hear it.

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November update

Hey guys, wanted to give you a quick update re everything happening with the Hitz FM book and my blog. And that means, a November update.


This blog can now send you the latest posts automatically.

It’s easy. Just look for the big black subscribe box. (If you’re on a mobile, it’s probably below this post.) Pop your name/email in, and you’re sorted.

Now, what else has been going on…?

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Megamix Mondays 2

I’m a big fan of megamixes, and today I’ve got you a real Hitz classic. Macquina Total 6. Or as the man in the megamix used to say “Ma KEENA Toe Tell – SAY!”

Maquina Total 6 was very popular during Hitz’s Summer 93/94 broadcast. The destinctive thuds of the approaching T-Rex. The crazy chicken noises. The finger-on-the-pulse inclusions of songs like Mr Vain (Culture Beat) and What’s Up (DJ Miko).

And now, I’ve been able to solve a big mystery about this megamix… 26 years later.

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