25 years ago today – Hitz FM’s 6th Broadcast

25 years ago tonight, a certain youth radio station was broadcasting live from Inflation Nightclub. It was the final night of Hitz FM’s 6th Broadcast. Time to celebrate. The station had come back onair, it had a new CD in the shops, and it had one of those brand new “webpage” things on the “internet”.

Yes – it was clearly 1995.

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Hot Tracks best of 1991 Megamix

Why just post mashups on a Monday, when I can also bring you a great 1991 Megamix?

For my first Megamix Monday, I’ve got something special. It’s one of the oldest 90s Megamixes that Hitz ever played. It’s from one of the great DJ remix services of the 90s. I believe it’s the first song Hitz ever played on the radio.

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James Ash is Right in the Night!

He’s back.

James Ash (Rogue Traders, Union State, former Hitz FM announcer and committee member) has come back to where it all began. He’s re-signed with legendary Melbourne-based dance label Vicious Vinyl. And his first release – is a cover of a true Hitz-era classic.

But what I found most interesting about all this – is that it’s NOT the first time he’s tried to cover this song…

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Smash Hitz: Dreams – Gabrielle

Dreams (and it’s performer, Gabrielle) seemed to come out of nowhere.

When the song was released in Australia in late 1993, the charts were dominated by romantic R&B (Freak Me – Silk), reggae-flavoured pop (Can’t help falling in love with you – UB40 / Sweat – Inner Circle) and adult rock (What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes / I’d do anything for love – Meatloaf). Dreams – with it’s romantic soul-tinged pop sounds… seem to arrive from another planet.

It also seemed to remind me of another song, and 27 years later I know the answer.

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